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What Is Moving Targets?

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best there is. The next best is targeted marketing to new residents in your area... people who are hungry, unfamiliar with local dining options, and open to suggestions and promotions.

Moving Targets New Resident Program lets you zero-in on the new residents who are best for you. They work with you to determine (1) what geographic areas should be targeted, (2) what type of gift certificate offer will work best, and (3) what to say in your personalized letter.

Typical response rates for restaurants are 10%, 20% or even 30%! This is far above other forms of advertising -- newspaper, television and radio -- that generate a mere 1/2% to 3% response. This makes the Moving Targets' direct mail program the cheapest way to generate new trial. We bring the customers to your door so you can create loyal word-of-mouth ambassadors.

When tested nose-to-nose against others, Moving Targets wins! Not only in terms of numbers and dollars...but also in terms of ongoing customer loyalty and longevity. There are no minimums, contracts, set-up charges, no discontinuation fees -- no hidden strings of any kind! We're proud of our 87% record of success and so are our advertisers!

How Do I Get Started?

For more information on how to put Moving Targets to work for you, download our flyer containing a special $100 Cash Bonus!

New Programs from Moving Targets!

Birthday Connections™

Birthday Connections is a direct mail service that drives customers to your business. Tested and proven personalized birthday Greetings and Gift Certificates are sent with your choice of gift offers via U.S. mail during the month of their special day.

You specify how many greetings you want us to mail… who you want to reach (men, women; their age range, distance from your business and income)… and what gift offer you want to give (Free Entree… Free Appetizer… Buy-1-Get-1-Free… 25% Off Your Next Purchase, etc.). Birthday Connections compiles the mailing list, then designs, prepares, prints and personalizes your birthday greeting with your special offer… and sends it via U.S. mail. You sit back and enjoy our remarkably high response rate that puts traditional advertising to shame.

Loyal Rewards

Loyal Rewards is a business-boosting customer appreciation program. It allows you to say, "Thank you for your business!" by sending your best customers super-appealing, money-saving Gift Certificate offers by email. By rewarding current customers for their business, you encourage them to visit more often and, therefore, buy your products and services more frequently. Plus, the goodwill it fosters motivates them to refer friends and family who could also become your customers!

Customers provide their first name and email address on personalized Loyal Rewards Enrollment Tickets or using an online form. You simply mail in your completed tickets, and the information is added to your confidential customer database. Then, whenever you want more business, simply pick the kind of Gift Certificate offer you'd like to send your customers by checking a few boxes on our 60-Second Promo Form… and Moving Targets will blast their powerful, eye-popping, virtually irresistible Gift Certificate emails to your entire customer database within minutes!

Imagine… a professional, ad-agency-quality direct marketing campaign—any time you want—fast, easy, low-cost, and risk-free!